A-Range Improvement Projects

The Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce a grant of $75,000.00 to the Sheriff’s Department A-Range and Duffy’s Town facilities. This grant is in addition to a grant for $11,000, added to a previous grant of $45,000, to complete the electrical project at the Facilities. Jeff Basford, the HDSA A Range Co-Chair (working with Co-Chair Mike McCutcheon) describes the status of the A-Range and Duffy’s town improvements and planned projects below. Thank you to Jeff, Mike, and their group of Contractors for their generous contributions of time, materials and funds, which serves to multiply the effect of these dollars many times over!

Sincerely, Marilee Howe, President, HDSA

2013 has been a very active year for HDSA and the Sheriffs Weapons Training Unit at A-Range. So far this year, major steps have been made towards the completion of the long-anticipated electrical upgrade, sponsored in large part and managed by the HDSA. This upgrade will supply sufficient power for A-Range operations, as well as for all of East Miramar base. HDSA recently completed a total re-build of the Rappel Tower on the Obstacle Course, which greatly expands the training capabilities for SED and SWAT deputies. The HDSA, in partnership with the US Marine Corps, completed a total re-surfacing of the K-9 Training area, including adding over 700 yards of amended top soil, a new sprinkler system, and hydro-seeding over an acre of ground. There are still plans to add parking canopies for K-9 vehicles to protect the dogs from overheating while in the vehicle, and once completed this major upgrade to K-9 will greatly expand the safety, capacity and training capabilities of the Sheriff’s K-9 units. Another on-going project, also being done in partnership with the US Marine Corps, is the total rebuild of the hotel and baithouse structure in Duffystown. This structure, after 40 years of continuous heavy use by over 500,000 Law Enforcement personnel, has been torn down to the bare bones, and is being rebuilt with new lumber, new electrical and lighting, new doors and windows, a new roof – courtesy of the Roofing Supply Group, and new exterior siding and trim. These improvements will ensure the safety and functionality of the structures in Duffystown for another 40 years. The HDSA also purchased a new Conex box, which provides secure storage of valuable range equipment when not in use. Thus far the HDSA has completed over $100,000 worth of improvements to A-Range, at a cost of only approx $30,000, thanks to the generous donations of HDSA members, support from the US Marine Corps, as well as local business such as Neal Electric, SDG&E, Roofing Supply Group, Evergreen Nursery. And its not even June yet!!!

Jeff Basford, A-Range Chair