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William B. Kolender

Sheriff’s Museum

Proposed Transfer from HDSA to DSA

What is the proposal?

  • To transfer ownership of the Museum building as well as the ongoing operations from the Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association to the Deputy Sheriffs Association.
  • The Museum building, which is currently fully owned by the HDSA would be sold to the DSA in an as-is cash transaction based on the current market value of the building.
  • The contents of the Museum as well as the responsibility for ongoing operations would transfer with the building.
  • The name of the Museum as well as its overall mission would not change.

Why is there a need to transfer the

  • Because HDSA has such a small paid staff, the Museum is required to have a significant amount of support from our volunteers. No matter how we tried to organize this volunteer team over the years, it always resulted in numerous issues in the running of the Museum. The inescapable conclusion is that the HDSA is well suited to running projects (such as the A-Range) but will always struggle with complex business processes such as the Museum.
  • After extensive analysis, we concluded that hiring a dedicated paid staff capable of effectively running the Museum is not cost effective, since this is the only operation we have like this.
  • The DSA has existing excellent resources for running complex business processes and operations that are open to the public. The size and skills of their paid staff fundamentally drive their success here. The Museum fits nicely both with their stated purpose as well as their core competencies.

Why is this being proposed now?

  • This has been being evaluated for over two years now, and the framework for a transfer now seems to be possible.
  • The COVID-19 shutdown of the Museum resulted in retail operations
    and staffing being discontinued, further facilitating a clean transfer of
    operations from the HDSA to the DSA.
  • Inspections and market assessments have now been completed and
    evaluated over the past months allowing both organizations to better
    understand both the condition and market valuation of the property.

Did we look at other alternatives?

  • Yes. The HDSA Board requested an analysis several years ago to look at other alternatives. This included hiring a professional management company, restructure the HDSA to better deal with the Museum and look for another organization to transfer the Museum to.
  • The goal was to keep the Museum operating much as it has been, but much more efficiently and effectively.
  • By far the best alternative was to find a way to transfer the Museum to the DSA.

What are the impacts on the HDSA if we complete the transfer to DSA?

  • The HDSA would no longer own, control or be responsible for the Museum building or its operations.
  • The HDSA would receive a cash payment for the building (based on market value). This cash payment could then be used to fund a variety of efforts consistent with the HDSA’s mission including an endowment fund that would provide continuing funding of projects well into the future.
  • HDSA’s efforts to found and build the Museum would be recognized in a formal way at the Museum, and we would be able to raise funds and make ongoing contributions if that was of interest to our members (just as the DSA has done for the Museum in the past).
  • HDSA members that volunteered at the Museum in the past could continue to do so under new programs established by the DSA.

What is the proposal that you are being asked to vote on?

  • The HDSA Bylaws specifically require a vote of our membership to authorize the sale of the Museum building.
  • Utilizing electronic voting, you will be asked to vote on a motion to authorize our Board of  Directors to negotiate and complete a sale of the Museum and its operations to the DSA.
  • If this motion passes, our Board will move forward with this proposal.

Sheriff’s Museum Proposed Transfer Vote

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