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Founded in 1974, the Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association (HDSA) is a prestigious organization comprised of business and community leaders, as well as individuals — all dedicated to supporting San Diego County law enforcement.

As a non-profit and non-political, membership-based organization, the HDSA serves as a unique ally of the Sheriff’s departments and the County’s nine police divisions.

Our mission is to continually support and advance the Sheriff’s Department and provide resources for facilities, equipment, education and training.


Whether an officer is training at the Duffy Town training facility, or the San Diego K-9 units are getting new protective gear, the HDSA is hard at work to create a safe and secure environment for all San Diegans and visitors to our County.

When you contribute to the HDSA, either as a member, corporate sponsor, or individual donor, you are supporting not only the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, but also all law enforcement and the San Diego community as a whole.

Community contributions aid the front line of law enforcement in San Diego, from the border up to Riverside.

Contributions also support training for various law enforcement groups, and the San Diego search and rescue team. Each dollar helps to make San Diego a safer place to live and work.

Become a member of the Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association today and help us make a difference now and for future generations.


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The HDSA, through membership dues, grants, donations, and hundreds of volunteer hours, allows for continued upgrades to the San Diego Tactical Training Facility, known as Duffy Town.

Recognized as one the top training facilities in the nation, Duffy Town is also home to the K-9 training facility.

Here, thousands of law enforcement officers from all over Southern California hone their skills with practice ranges, buildings, and mock city streets and storefronts, that allow for real-world, simulated, emergency training scenarios.

Also located at the Tactical Training Facility is our K-9 facilities, home to some of San Diego’s greatest heroes.

When it comes to training and raising K-9s, our facilities help keep them sheltered, secure and well trained as they keep our community safe.

K-9s are often at the front-line, and here at the HDSA we work hard to make sure they have the resources they need to effectively do their job. For example, our donations have helped to purchase new protective and tactical vests for the dogs and also allowed for a new member of the crew to join with existing K-9s.


Sheriff's Helicopter
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SEarch and Rescue Team


Running a law enforcement operation is no small expense, and the HDSA helps keep San Diego safe by providing top-tier equipment to those who serve our community.

HDSA has a long history of funding significant equipment purchases for the Sheriff’s Department including a helicopter flight simulator. We were also responsible for purchasing San Diego’s second helicopter in the fleet and drones to help law enforcement keep the community safer.

HDSA also purchased state-of-the-art bulletproof vests for our beloved K-9 officers.

The Search & Rescue division has benefited with donations including two Polaris Utility Vehicles for rescue operations; all-season, high-visibility jackets; communications radios; and a SAR trailer completely outfitted with the latest rescue equipment.

Other purchases include Body Bite Suits, Armored Mobility Ballistic Shields, Trauma Kits, any many others.

Our HDSA members have a say in what we purchase for the Sheriff’s department, so you have a direct impact in helping make San Diego a safe place.


Traing at Fun Shoot
Historical Vehicles
Young Explorers Marching


HDSA provides grants to fund important training for Sheriff’s Department personnel.

Funded opportunities include leadership courses, and pilot recertification. And with the generosity of The Hearst Foundation, HDSA has helps to launch the Sheriff’s Youth Advisory Group.

Additionally, regularly-scheduled Hand Gun Safety courses are open to members and the families of Sheriff Department personnel.

And through the Tactical Training Facility (Duffy Town), HDSA has provided significant training opportunities to law enforcement offices throughout the region.

There’s no other training facility quite like our Tactical Training Facility, which is also home to the K-9 unit and Academy.

A weapon’s training range located at the Miramar base, Duffy Town specializes in both lethal and less lethal training to keep both law enforcement and the community safe and secure.

Duffy Town allows law enforcement to train for real world scenarios. Complete with mock city streets and storefronts, this facility allows different units to come together and train in ways that are impossible in front of a computer screen or other non-real world situations.

Who trains at Duffy Town? There are over 25,000 law enforcement personnel, from 35 different law enforcement groups that use the facility, having a wide reaching impact on the local community.


Thank you for your consideration to partner with the Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association as a Corporate Sponsor. Today, the Sheriff’s Department is not just embarking on an unprecedented modernization and improvement program, it is renewing its partnership with the entire community by building trust and confidence. You can play a vital role in that effort. We would greatly appreciate your partnership and assistance in helping us carry out our mission this year.

Thank you again for your charitable consideration to partner with HDSA.
Our non-profit tax ID number is 23-7386902.