The fun shoot stages are designed for semi auto pistols and modern 6 shot revolvers. It is recommended that participants bring 3 magazines or speed loaders for revolvers. In .38 special / 9mm or better.

Sheriffs Range at Duffy Town on October 27, 2018 – 0800 am Sharp!

Must enter soon… this fills up quickly. October 13, 2018 Registration Deadline.

Donation: $40.00 /Guest $50.00 ea. (All attendees must be 18 or older!) There will be a Novice and Advanced Division! This shoot will have five events. Awards will be given for first and second place in each event.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Do: Bring your own weapon (with min. 100 rds. of ammo)

Do: Bring eye and ear protection.

Don’t: Wear sandals, opened toed shoes or shorts.

Don’t: Be late sending in your application! 60 Contestants MAX!

Note: Scopes, Red Dot optics, Magnums and Lasers WILL NOT BE ALLOWED!

Note: There will be a firearms check (handling test for new contestants) conducted by range personnel prior to the event.

After the shoot is complete, there will be Food and Drinks for everyone! When all of that is finished, we might have an additional fundraiser to shoot some unique firearms.