HDSA Handgun Funshoot / Fundraiser – MAY 14, 2022

Where: At the Sheriffs A-Range at Duffy Town (East Miramar)
When: MAY 14, 2022
What Time: 8:00AM Sharp! Arrive Early
Register by: MAY 7, 2022 – Registration closes once 60 people are signed up, don’t wait!
Donations: Members-$50.00, Guest-$60.00 each
*Details below

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For the first time there will be an OPEN division for RED DOT Optic shooters.  For RED DOT Shooters, you should be very proficient with the Red Dot, this will be the most difficult course of fire of the event.
The fun shoot consists of five (5) stages and are designed for semi auto handguns & modern 6 shot revolvers.  Preferred calibers are .38 special, 9mm, .40 Caliber, and .45 ACP, magnum ammunition is not allowed. You should bring 3 magazines for semi autos and 3 speed loaders for revolvers.  All attendees must be 18 years of age or older, this includes observers per the US Marines.  There will be a Novice, Advanced, & OPEN (Red Dot optics) division, if you have won any event in Novice you will need to register in the Advanced Division.  Awards will be given for first place.  For contestants that have not attended the HDSA Basic Handgun Safety course, they will be required to arrive at 7:00 a.m. for a firearm handling test conducted by Range staff.

Where:At the Sheriffs A-Range at Duffy Town (East Miramar) at 8:00 a.m. Sharp!

RegistrationCloses MAY 7, 2022 or once 60 people are sign up.

Donations: $50.00 HDSA member & $60.00 guest each.

DO’s and DO NOTs:

  • DO: Bring your own firearm/s with a minimum of 100 rounds of factory ammunition
  • DO: Bring eye and ear protection
  • DO: If the Range staff tells you to do something, do it
  • DO:  Plan on a Firearms Safety Check by Range Staff of your UNLOADED firearm
  • DO NOT:  Bring a loaded firearm to the event or Safety Check 
  • DO NOTWear sandals, opened toed shoes or shorts
  • DO NOT:  Be late completing your application! 60 Contestants MAX!
  • DO NOT:  Bring Scopes or Lasers they will not be allowed 
  • DO NOT:  Manipulate firearms until told to do so by Range Staff 

After the shoot is complete, we hope to have an additional fundraiser to shoot some unique firearms.  Submissions without donations will not be honored.

Email questions to Todd:  hdsafunshoot@tknet.us