Application for 2021 Membership

I hereby request appointment by the Sheriff as an Honorary Deputy Sheriff for the specific purposes of maintaining an active membership in the Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association (HDSA) and supporting/ promoting effective law enforcement for San Diego County and for no other purpose. I agree to maintain active membership in HDSA by promptly paying all dues and assessments upon notice, attending at least half of the general membership meetings held during the year, supporting all HDSA functions and complying with the articles, by-laws, and such policies of HDSA as the Board of Directors may prescribe. I fully understand and agree that my appointment and membership does not confer any peace officer authority, does not entitle me to carry a concealed weapon, does not entitle me to use my identification card or badge to collect debts, establish credit or attempt to gain any personal advantage whatsoever. I further understand and agree that if appointed, I will at all times conduct myself in a manner which will not reflect adversely upon the Sheriff, his department, the law enforcement professional, or the HDSA. I also fully understand and agree that my appointment can be revoked by the Board of Directors or Sheriff upon good cause. The identification remains the property of the Sheriff and the badge remains the property of the HDSA. I agree that I will surrender either or both upon demand by the Sheriff or the Board of Directors. I hereby grant permission to the Sheriff to conduct an inquiry into my background to determine my suitability for appointment.
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